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Ep #1 What it felt like, wearing the 2020 cap

Vimal Chandran

About Artist: A self taught artist whose work is a skillful concoction of urban art, illustrations, installations, graphic design and photography

Ep #2 How it started, how its going ft. 2020


About Artist: An Illustrator and doodle artist who makes simple, quirky doodles on everyday life

Ep #3 2020 summed up in the best way


About Artist: A dentist by profession and illustrator-artist by passion.

Ep #4 Achha Aaloo in a pool of anxiety this new year


About Artist: A comic artist/illustrator from Chennai whose work revolves around women’s issues.

Ep #5 An 'Achha' perspective on what might happen after work-from-home ends

Samar Khan

About Artist: Samar Khan, a Delhi based Illustrator bring out the hidden stories in the mundane lives of people into interesting artworks.

Ep #6 Achha Aaloo takes some out-of-the-box safety precautions before re-joining work

Maitri Dalicha

About Artist: Maitri Dalicha creates illustrations about daily life and subjects and draws immense pleasure from her art.

Ep #7 Achha Aaloo explains how corporate life now begins and ends with your cosy bed

Bhavya Doshi

About Artist: Bhavya Doshi, a renowned doodle artist focuses on “the art of spreading joy” using illustrations with a positive message.

Ep #8 Here's what we missed the most while working from home

Kiran Dutta

About Artist: Kiran Dutta,makes comedy music videos and gaming vlogs with absolute creativity and thrives as a creator.

Ep #9 Watch Achha Aaloo's love life spice up


About Artist: Pencilashan is a Kerala based storyteller, who loves to tell stories in a witty, artistic and amusing manner.

Ep #10 Achha Aaloo goes the extra mile for love

Pradeep Das

About Artist: Pradeep Das is an illustrator whose art works sprout from his own experiences and feelings. He takes pride in making relatable art works and comics that connect people to him through his illustrations.

Ep #11 Clear the virus, let the love in!

Satish Acharya

About Artist: Satish Acharya, a passionate professional cartoonist who loves cricket & cinema takes pleasure in creating cartoons that engage people and make his work attractive and approachable.

Ep #12 Cupid pushes Achha Aaloo to make the first move

Arosh Thevadathil

About Artist: Arosh Thevadathil, a professional artist and entrepreneur, specializes in illustrations and doodle-art and along with running a quirky online store called ‘Funchershop’ that sells creative products like tshirts, posters, mugs, badges, notebooks, and more.

Ep #13 Achha Aaloo is all set for movie marathon and how!

Uday Mohite

About Artist: Uday Ganesh Mohite is a full-time Freelance Digital Illustrator, living in Mumbai. With a background in applied arts from Sir J.J Institute, he has garnered a great deal of creative and professional experience. His art speaks volumes about his creative intellect and reflect mastery in artistry.

Ep #14 Exam time is around the corner and Achha Aaloo is on it!


About Artist: Swarnima is a super creative illustrator who shows her artistry with fun sketches, doodles and illustrations. She loves drawing happy and nostalgic content filled with good vibes, good stories and TEA!

Ep #15 Watch Achha Aaloo prepare for exams


About Artist: Self-taught artist and illustrator Aparijita has a knack for making illustrations that are cute, quirky and relatable. She claims to have a superpower of turning people into cartoons and make illustrations that stand out.

Ep #16 Achha Aaloo gets filmy

Neha Doodle

About Artist: Cartoonist & Animator, Neha is a renowned Delhi based artist who makes quirky doodles and quintessential Indian comics with a little sarcasm thrown in. Her work is witty and relatable to the people in terms of both art and content.

Ep #17 Achha Aaloo gets filmy

Woodle Doodle Sumouli

About Artist: Based in Kolkata, India, working as a fulltime Illustrator. Experience a jolt of happiness and sunshine that exuberate through WoodleDoodleDesigns’s artworks.

Ep #18 Achha Aaloo being the best type of potato

Pranita Kocharekar

About Artist: Pranita Kocharekar is an illustrator, lettering artist, entrepreneur & a mental health advocate who enjoys sharing her thoughts in her public dairy, Instagram.

Ep #19 Life of an Aaloo


About Artist: Creator & Illustrator of Awkwerrrd, a webcomic brand that celebrates Malayalee culture & representation through relatable humour and anecdotes.

Ep #20 Achha Aaloo's big dream


About Artist: A happy introvert unleashing her drama through art. In my earlier mail had mentioned that she is a replacement as well

Ep #21 Grandma's house never disappoints our Achha Aaloo

Alicia Souza

About Artist: A hard core chips lover and illustrator from Bangalore, Alicia Souza makes very cute and very relatable illustrations on social media. She is a brand in her own and also has a line of her own merchandise.

Ep #22 Achha Aaloo gives some 'Achha' advice


About Artist: An India-based freelance illustrator. Making art is the core of my life, so as to taking new projects and seeking inspirations

Ep #23 Achha Aaloo enjoying his home setup vacation

Jeet Calmchor

About Artist:I am an illustrator from Delhi, I create cartoons based on daily life chores because I believe art is a means for me to vent out any emotion I could feel.

Ep #24 Summer heat and Achha Aaloo


About Artist:A full-time artist and freelance illustrator who loves to tell stories through art.

Ep #25 Achha Aaloo shows off his carrom shot

AnkitaAgarwal & KanikaAgarwal

About Artist: Self taught artist sisters who bring out the fun, funk and quirk of everyday life through their illustrations. They love to travel and are currently on a mission to collect stones, plants and memories!

Ep #26 Achha Aaloo got busted


About Artist: Doodloo By Niharika - A story-teller, doodler & illustrator telling everyday incidents with a little twist.

Ep #27 Quarantine birthdays get better with Achha Aaloo

Anjali Mehta

About Artist: Anjali is an artist and an illustrator from New Delhi, India. Her bold artworks are brought to life using the strong use of pigments and patterns exploring various materials and mediums. She is inspired by strong women, reading, traveling, human beings and bold patterns.